Penang Postnatal Care Service

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Waze Location: De View Hotel
We are located on the 1st floor of DeView Hotel Air Itam. You may locate us at

18, Jalan Pasar, Pekan Ayer Itam, 11500, Ayer Itam, Penang, Malaysia

Our baby nursery is spacious. All babies will be kept in the same nursery for easier monitoring by our nurses. However, baby cot will be placed 1 meter apart to maintain social distancing.

  1. The ratio of Nurses to babies is 1 to 3. There might be certain times when there is lack of staffs due to emergency condition (e.g nurses taking emergency leave/ Medical certificate or other mother delivered earlier and required to check in earlier). However, we will try to fill up the shortage as soon as possible.

Yes, Baby’s and mother’s room are on the same floor to minimize walking.

Our nannies are trained and certified nurses. We practice strict rules when hiring a nanny, and we ensure our nanny are compliance to our SOP while taking care of mother and baby.

Doctor will check your wound daily and check the baby for jaundice. If there is any abnormality with your wound or if the baby looks jaundiced, she will give you advice and refer you to hospital if necessary. The doctor will also conduct parenting classes for parents. If you have any doubts she is also ready to answer.

We have classes twice a week for parents free of charge for in house parents. List of classes are as of below: 

  • Baby First Aid 
  • Baby bathing and grooming (Hands on by parents) 
  • Baby massage (Hands on by parents) 
  • Breastfeeding and storage of breastmilk and correct way to thaw breastmilk 
  • Postpartum nutrition (what to eat and what not to eat) 
  • Bottle cleaning and disinfection 
  • Breastmilk hand craft (How to make breastmilk soap/ handcraft)
  • Yoga exercise for postnatal mother 
  • Postnatal slimming

We will have around 15 mothers/babies each time. During the pandemic period, we will adhere to the following SOP.

During the pandemic period, we will adhere to the following SOP to prevent spread of covid and to ensure all our residents are safe and happy.

  •     Mother and baby to have PCR test done prior to check-in
  •     No visitors are allowed.
  •     All staff are fully vaccinated.
  •     Daily temperature check and rapid test kit for all staff.
  •     Staff adhere to strict SOP (wear mask, face shield) while taking care of babies
  •     Husbands who wish to visit will have to do a rapid test kit prior
  •     Daily sensitization of baby nursery, Air purifier in nursery room, and UV sterilization of all baby amenities
  •     Twice weekly housekeeping and sanitization of mother rooms

In order to prevent spread of covid to in house guests and babies, it is advisable for husbands to have Rapid test kit done prior to visit. However, we will prepare saliva test kit to minimize the discomfort caused to the father. We are sorry about the inconvenience caused but we hope you understand that maintaining your safety is our top priority.

During pandemic period, please contact our customer service: 010-3850911 for more details.
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Currently, we have 3 packages. Contact us to get more information.
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For Mothers:
Maternity sanitary pads
Personal toiletries
Breastpump (optional)
Cloth diaper inserts

For Baby:
Formula milk (optional)
Feeding bottles

Our doctor and nurses will check your baby everyday for jaundice. If any abnormality is detected, our doctor will refer your baby immediately to the nearest Kek Lok Si Hospital for further treatment.