Postnatal Massage Package

Postnatal Massage

As much as you heard about confinement care, we are sure most of you would have heard about postnatal massage. For centuries, pregnancy massage has been an important component of pregnancy care in Malay and Indonesian cultures. Now, this culture is not only practiced by Malays, it has been widely accepted by many other races as a part of confinement care. It is believed that during the postpartum period, women’s bodies become cold and weak, postnatal massage is essential to keep the body warm and help to expel wind from the body.

What Are The Benefits For Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal massage carries various benefits which include 

  1. Improves blood circulation and ‘warm’ the body 
  2. Removes toxins and ‘wind’ in the body and expels ‘lochia’
  3. Relieve muscle tensions and pain after labour
  4. Lift womb and prevent it from sagging 
  5. Shrinking the enlarged uterus 
  6. Flatten the tummy and breakdown stubborn belly fat to achieve postnatal slimming 
  7. Relieve stress and improves sleep
  8. Reduce breast engorgement and improves breast milk production (achievable through breast massage)

When is it safe to get a postnatal massage? 

Traditionally, postnatal massage is safe to perform one week after normal vaginal delivery and 14 days after caesarean delivery or when the caesarean wound is well healed.

How is postnatal massage done? 

Our postnatal massage service includes traditional herbal massage, heat treatment (bertungku), application of abdominal wrap (bengkung), herbal steam bath, and postnatal breast massages. 

Various Massage Packages

You may choose from our various postnatal massage packages depending on your need. But traditionally we would recommend our 2-hour complete postnatal massage therapy which has always been the most popular. This 2-hour complete massage treatment will start with a traditional herbal massage,  where we use a mixture of pure ginger, nutmeg extract oil,  Himalayan pink salt, essential oils and traditional herbal paste (ubat jamu) which is believed to be good in expelling wind from the body. It will be a full body massage focussing on the neck, back, shoulder, limbs and abdomen.  

Herbal Massage Followed By Hot Stone Therapy (Bertungku)

Herbal massage will take about an hour and it will immediately be followed by hot stone therapy (bertungku), pilis and peram where cold and heating paste is applied on the abdomen respectively followed by abdominal binding by barut (bengkung). After that, our therapist will instruct you to sit over a steam bath prepared by boiling seven types of herbs and wrap you inside a cloth. Sweat through the process and you will feel refreshed after completion of the session! If you have problems related to breast engorgement or inadequate breast milk production, you may also request for a postnatal breast massage. Our experienced therapist will perform gentle massage to the breasts using specialized methods to unclog blocked breast ducts and improve breast milk flow. 

Experienced Postnatal Massage Therapists

So now when you know the benefits of postnatal massage, it is time to follow us for this relaxing journey. Our postnatal massage is performed in house in our comfortable spa room by trained and experienced postnatal massage therapists at a reasonable price. Do not miss the chance to experience the painless, relaxing, rejuvenating postnatal massage while you are with us.