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Pregnancy massage, as the name suggests, is a massage therapy designed specifically for a pregnant lady. It can be done during pregnancy (prenatal massage) or after pregnancy (postnatal or post pregnancy massage). Some research has proven maternity massage is useful in treating various problems related to pregnancy while some are worried about the possible side effects. While prenatal massage is generally safe when performed by certified therapists, here are a few things you might want to know before making an appointment with your therapist.

How does prenatal massage help in pregnancy?

As pregnancy advances, your body weight might be increasing, this causes more pressure on your blood vessels and your body, leading to complications like oedema (swollen feet), lower back pain, and muscle pain and muscle soreness. In addition, hormonal changes during pregnancy may also cause you to be anxious, easily stressed up or difficult to fall asleep.

In general, we all know that massage can help in reducing aches and sores. But what is more specific in prenatal massage? According to a study done at the University of Miami School of Medicine, pregnancy massage has potential benefits in reduced anxiety, decreased pregnancy back pain and leg pain, improved sleep and reduced the stress hormone “Norepinephrines”. Another research also shows that prenatal massage potentially increased the levels of ‘Happy hormones’ (Serotonin and dopamine levels) in the blood, reduced stress hormone cortisol, causing overall elevation of mood.

When combined with traditional herbs, prenatal massage also helps in expel wind in your body. Expect to sleep well after your massage session!

When should I go for a prenatal massage?

In general, prenatal massage can be done after the second trimester. Many has link prenatal massage with miscarriage. There was no research done to show direct link between prenatal massage and miscarriage. However, since the incidence of abortion is the highest during first trimester, it is advisable to avoid prenatal massage at first trimester. While many also experienced morning sickness and dizziness during the first 3 months of pregnancy, it is best to avoid getting an early pregnancy massage as it may worsen your symptoms. After that, it is relatively safe to go for a massage if you experienced any of the pregnancy related complications above.

Where should I go for a prenatal massage?

As the structure of pregnant women is different, it is advisable to search for certified pregnancy massage therapists/ trained pregnancy massage therapists before you make a booking. In Spink Confinement centre, we have certified and experienced prenatal and postnatal massage therapists to serve you. Using traditional cultures methods combined with herbal medicine, we aim to provide the best prenatal massage services that cater all your needs including pregnancy shoulder massage, pregnancy back massage, prenatal foot massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage etc. You may select from various prenatal spa packages based on your needs.

How is antenatal massage done?

First your therapist will position you properly before starting the massage. Unlike normal massage where you lie on your back or face down, prenatal massage cannot be done at this position. As lying on your back will cause your pregnant belly to compress on your major blood vessels, prenatal massage is usually done when you are in a lateral position or sitting up. Experienced therapists will use cushions and pillows to support your pregnant belly and begin the massage with gentle force. Just relax and enjoy!

Prenatal Massage Carries Many Benefits To Mothers

In conclusion, Prenatal massage carries many benefits to mothers when it is performed by a good antenatal massage therapist. Try it today!