Spink Confinement Policy

SPINK Confinement Rules and Regulations

a) Room selection are upon availability (depends on your actual check-in date). Booking to specific room is not allowed but we will try to accommodate your preference to the best we could.
b) Package includes daddy stay-in for free for Deluxe and Premier package. Toddler below 5 years old (only one at a time) is allowed to stay in depending on the package chosen. However, we do not provide child-care services. No other relatives or friends are allowed to stay the night.
c) Angpow to Post-Natal Nurses and Staff are not compulsory but greatly appreciated. This will NOT, by any means, affect the quality of the service from
d) Client is compulsory to give 2 days’ advance notice before check-in.
Deposit of 30% from your package price is expected with your registration. The balance is to be paid upon checking-in.

1. Refund of full amount can be considered in:
a) Any health conditions causing termination of pregnancy, before period of viability (24 weeks of gestation) provided customers show us a letter of confirmation/ discharge summary from doctor/ hospital within 60 days from the date of the letter issued. Customers need to show us booking receipt in order to get  a refund.
b) Any unfortunate circumstances causing the centre to close permanently or unable to operate prior to the stay. (e.g. bankruptcy, tenancy problem, etc)

70% refund of the deposits paid will be considered in the following conditions (after being discussed and agreed by the
management team):
a) Customers cancel their booking 5 months before their estimated delivery date.
b) Any sudden change in the package/ terms agreed by both the parties with no prior notice/ consent from the customers.
(e.g. sudden increase of package price, or cancellation of certain services included in the package without apparent reason
and the centre was unable to provide another satisfactory replacement to the customers).

Please note that all customers who have stayed in and have paid full amount shall not receive any refund, except for listed
negligence/ serious mistakes from the staff which has caused direct harm to the baby.
a) causing burn injury to the baby.
b) causing the baby to fall due to staff carelessness.
Refund of full amount will be accepted if proof has been shown.
1. Should you for any reason decide to shorten your stay at Spink Confinement
a) After 7 days of checking-in: refund 30% of balance pro-rated package price.
b) For any special offers such as early bird offers, it is non-refundable if the client decides to shorten their stay for any reason.
Please check with SPINK representative before you sign up.

2.  Should you for any reason decide to shorten your stay at Spink Confinement
a) After 7 days of checking-in: refund 30% of balance pro-rated package price.
b) For any special offers such as early bird offers, it is non-refundable if the client decides to shorten their stay for any reason. Please check with our representative before you sign up.

1. Our centre will take all safety measures to take care of your personal belongings however any loss of your personal belongings, the centre shall not be responsible and shall not be asked for any refund.
2. The centre will also take all safety measures to prevent the spread of covid 19 in the centre. However, please understand that covid-19 has been treated as a community infection and the risk of spreading is still present. In case there is an outbreak of covid 19/ any infection in the centre, the centre shall not take full responsibility and shall not be asked for any refund, and bear any costs of lab testing for the customer and his/ her family members.
3. NO REFUND will be given in situations which are beyond our control ie water rationing or no electricity, and you decide to return to your own home for a day or two.

Refund Period and Method
The refund period will take seven working days via online transfer. Please provide our customer service with your bank account details for a refund.

The total number of days spent at Spinkis 28 days 27 nights, 42day 41night, including any days spent in a hospital due to baby’s jaundice or any other reasons.

    1. Check-in : Daily after 2pm, before 6pm
    2. Check out: Daily before 2pm

Early check-in
Should you deliver earlier from your expected due date, and there are no rooms available at Spink Confinement, you can wait until a room becomes available and we will provide confinement food (for lunch and dinner) delivery to you until the date when you check-in. We will try our best to get you a room as fast as possible.

Our aim is to help mothers breastfeed successfully

  1. A Breastfeeding Consultant/Counsellor will provide you with hands-on consultancy, whenever necessary, upon availability.
  2. If you wish to breastfeed successfully, there should be no bottle-feeding (in the early weeks). Baby will be feed with syringe to avoid nipple confusion, unless mother decided not to breastfeed the baby anymore. However, feeding with formula milk is also allowed upon maternal request in condition such as baby jaundice due to poor feeding or insufficient breast milk to meet the baby demand.  
  3. When your baby is almost reaching his/her fullmoon (after week 3 maybe), the nurses may help you with training your baby on the bottle using your expressed breast
  4. Bottles of milk will be fed by nurses at the baby nursery or the nursing station, and not in Mother’s room.
  5. Please bear in mind that you should direct latch baby at every single opportunity to ensure a healthy milk supply later on. Every time you top-up with formula milk or expressed breastmilk, you are giving your breasts one less opportunity to produce milk. It will affect your milk supply.
  6. Direct latch for night-feedings is very crucial. We encourage it greatly as it will increase your milk supply.


    1. In the event when formula milk are required, you may choose from your preferred brand and passed to the nurses. Three types of formula (Enfalac, Frisolac and Ammulac) are available in the centre. You may choose from these three brands and a packet of complementary formula will be given to you, subsequent packet of milk will be supplied with purchase.
    2. Spink will not be responsible for any adverse effects that may affect your formula-fed baby.
    3. Should you decide to use a bottle to feed, you will have to provide the nurses with your own bottle. There will be no sharing of bottles and artificial teats with other babies


  1. Our Nurses will always be ready to help in all circumstances.
  2. The ratio of Nurses to babies is 1 to 3. There might be certain times when there is lack of staffs due to emergency conditions (e.g nurses taking emergency leave/ Medical certificate or other mothers delivered earlier and required to check in earlier). However, we will try to fill up the shortage as soon as possible.
  3. Do bear in mind that you are the mother to your baby, and should spend most of your time bonding with your baby and having baby close to you even during sleep. Both mother and baby actually get more sleep when they are close together. Learning to take care of your own baby, especially during night time will give you more confidence as a mother when you go home after your confinement month is over.
  4. In order to have a secure and happy baby, your baby should be sleeping next to Mommy. Occasionally, should you require uninterrupted sleep, our Postnatal Nurses will be happy to watch over your baby outside your room. They will of course bring your baby back to you for breastfeeding.
  5. We encourage all mothers (and fathers) to be hands-on in changing diapers, bathing, burping, soothing and any other baby-care.


  1. All meals and drinks are provided at Spink.  However, if you should decide to bring in your own food, ie herbal tonics, medicine etc, Spinkwould not be responsible for any adverse effects that might occur from consuming such food.
  2. Meals will be served in your room unless mother requested to have their meals in the dining area.
  3. Please do eat all your meals on time, as eating well is essential for your recuperation. The centre will not be responsible if meals are cold due to late eating.
  4. We have planned your meals with care, ensuring that it will encourage healthy lactation and Mommy’s healthy recuperation. All meals prepared in SPINKfollows a healthy and balanced diet. We might not use as much ginger, herbs or wine as you may think is necessary. However, should you request more ginger and sesame oil in your diet, you may request and we will try to prepare the meal to your preference.
  5. SPINKand its staff are not to be held responsible for any food allergies affecting the Mother or the breastfed baby.
  6. Should you or your baby be admitted into the hospital during your confinement period, meals will still be prepared for Mommy upon request. However, you will have to make the arrangement yourself for the meals to be sent to the hospital.
  7. Meals are scheduled as follow. Please do adhere to it as best as you can as we would like you to have warm and healthy meals:
    1. Breakfast: 8:00 a.m.
    2. Lunch: 12:00 p.m. 
    3. Afternoon Tea: 3:00 p.m. 
    4. Dinner: 6:00 p.m.
    5. Supper: 9:00 p.m.

This is exclusively for the Deluxe, Premier, VIP, 42 days Premier Package only

    1. Only the father of your baby is allowed to stay in SPINK. No discounts on packages are available should the father decide not to stay in.
    2. No meals will be provided for Daddy. You may choose to have your meals at Tolk Cafe or Spink In The Sky Restaurant located in the same building at Deview Hotel or order room service (subject to availability).
    3. Laundry service for daddy’s clothes is not included.


    1. Toddlers below 5 years old are allowed to stay in for free.
    2. No child-care would be provided.
    3. Our nurses have a busy daily schedule to ensure that SPINK runs optimally, caring for a maximum of 15 mothers and their babies. It would be greatly appreciated if you would follow our daily bathing and meal schedule as closely as possible.
    4. Cleaner can perform room cleaning twice per week upon request between 9am to 5pm, Monday- Saturday. Should cleaner be unable to clean your room due to guests’ presence or Mommy sleeping or whatever reasons, housekeeping will be performed the following day on schedule.
    5. Bath Schedule
      Baby’s Bath Time: 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.
      Mommy’s Bath Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.(Please instruct our housekeeping to prepare your herbal bath 3 hours before your bath time)


    1. SPINKembraces a traditional yet liberal practice of Confinement methods.
    2. There is no scientific evidence that using tap water to wash hands and brush your teeth will cause rheumatism, arthritis or any other illnesses. But if you feel very strongly about this, you can use the prepared herbal-water to wash your hands or a thermal flask with boiled water will be provided and placed in the bathroom sink.
    3. We encourage eating in moderation, thus you may find that we use less ginger, herbs and wine than is thought necessary by the ‘elders’ or other ‘traditional confinement ladies’. This is to ensure proper rejuvenation and that the special confinement food do not adversely affect you or your breastfed baby.
    4. You should also eat on time and while the food is still warm to encourage a good digestive system.
    5. The consumption of a little alcohol is permissible, but alcohol has been shown to inhibit ‘let-down’ and might even decrease milk production.
    6. Adequate liquid consumption is very important. We serve red dates tea and fried rice tea every day. Plain water is also encouraged as it will help in the removal of toxins in the body.


    1. SPINK is not a medical facility.
    2. In the case of illness and other medical concerns, of either Mother or Baby, in house doctor will provide you necessary advice but do take note that mother is fully responsible to get treatment in the clinic or hospital.
    3. SPINKand its staff will not be held responsible for all medical concerns, including and not limited to:
      a) Jaundice
      b) Dehydration
      c) Any form of infection
      d) Mosquito or any insect bites leading to dengue or rashes or any other medical conditions.
      e) All other medical conditions


  1. Please do learn more about Jaundice before your baby is born.
  2. SPINKowns a Transcutaneous bilirubinometer (jaundice level checker, without blood test

We provide Jaundice level checks daily.

  1. Sunbathing and change of dilution of formula milk may be beneficial to lower down the jaundice level. Our staffs may help you with that if you are agreeable and after inform consent has been signed.
  2. If treatment is necessary, you are advisable to bring your baby to the nearest health facilities.
  3. It is your sole responsibility to discuss with your doctor in regards to your baby’s jaundice treatment.


    1. Cleaner will perform room cleaning upon request (twice /week) between 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday.
    2. Should cleaner be unable to clean your room due to guests’ presence or Mommy sleeping or whatever reasons, housekeeping will be performed the following day on schedule.


  1. Bedsheets will be changed upon request(once a week)
  2. Please ensure that your clothes’ colour would not run. SPINK is not responsible for any damage to any articles of clothing.
  3. SPINK is not responsible for any wear and tear of your clothing that occurs during laundry.
  4. We will not be hand-washing any article of clothing.
  5. SPINK is not responsible for any missing clothes.


  1. SPINK is not to be held responsible for any missing personal items. A safe is provided inside your room. Please keep all valuable securely. However, it’s not recommended for you to bring any valuable items to SPINK.
  2. SPINK is not responsible for any loss or damage to any personal or electrical items ie clothes, breast pump, computers, notebooks, iPad, phones etc, used within our premises.

SPINK is not responsible for the stability or strength of the WIFI access within our premises.


  1. SPINKmaintains a strong no-smoking policy within our premises, including at the main entrance, room, toilet, staircase and lift area.
  2. Please remind your guests (including your husband) not to smoke within the premises.

In the event that you are a smoking mother and refused to give up smoking while staying at SPINK, we reserve the right to request you to leave the property. NO REFUNDS will be offered. There will also be a recovery fee of RM500 imposed to cover the extensive costs of restoring our rooms or designated areas back to smoke-free condition.

SPINK CONFINEMENT - Professional Postpartum Care

Postnatal Care Malaysia
Postnatal Care Malaysia
Postnatal Care Malaysia
Postnatal Care Malaysia

Daily baby check
by In-house Doctor. 24 hours Care from Certified & Experienced Nurses

Safe and Secure Stay
Private lift access to centre, entrance to baby and mother’s room only by access card

combine a modern nutrition diet and traditional confinement recipes to work out the three stages of the nutritious menu

Weekly mother’s interest class, to ensure adequate support to new mother so that they are stress free and prevent post partum depression